April 18th, 2012, 4:27 am

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129-Penis man

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daviddoesntgetit April 10th, 2012, 12:27 am

Hey, internet. I heard you like penis jokes.

In all seriousness, at least I wasn’t raped. But thinking back on it I don’t think he was doing it for sexual reasons, I think he just thought it was funny to have a kid freak out over his penis, kinda like how you’d mess with a cat with a laser pointer.

I’ve always been interested in perception of sex as a kid. You don’t know what sex is (in my case), you’re just dimly aware it’s this… thing. That people do. And dogs. You see a dog do it and, without even knowing what sex is, you just think, “Hey. That’s sex.”

And the main thing is you feel like it’s wrong. Which is why I think sexual development is pretty interesting. At some point you grow out of it and you’re fine with it but as a kid, without knowing what it is, you just don’t do it. I feel like even without people telling you not to it’s a biological reaction in some way.

My parents never really tried to hide it much, my stepmom, when sexually frustrated, would watch all sorts of porn. Gay, straight, lesbian (which might explain why I had no problems with homosexuality as a kid, haha) and she’d just watch it with me around.

In any case, this isn’t something I remembered ‘til just now. It’s kinda weird, I guess I buried it so deep I just kind of forgot about it.

I remember asking our mom where the guy was now and she told me he had a wife and two daughters. I think this was in college.

I still remember the scene as I stood in the bathroom trying to tell her what happened and I just couldn’t.

I don’t have any idea why.

Maybe it’s the typical Asian repression. We never talked about that story, no one ever thought to tell our mom, y’know? You just don’t say that shit, man.

Concerning my feelings of guilt at the time, remember what I said about how you just know it’s wrong as a kid? But I voluntarily touched his dick and I guess I blamed myself for the entire thing. Though I think it helped being raised Catholic, haha.

I ended up saying a lot without really saying anything. I think it’s just another one of those things in my life I haven’t quite figured out yet.

Still. That car ride was deathly quiet as we headed back home and I felt like I did something wrong, haha. I don’t even remember the guy getting kicked out of the house.

Always really interesting to go through the old family photos and seeing him holding me at my fourth birthday party.



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jonasfx April 18th, 2012, 7:53 am

he should have realised how wrong that was to do to a child!

hm... that quilt thing is though. it's like taking on the resposebility for someone elses bad actions just because you have to be the messenger. you see it all the time with arguing parents that send messages to the other parent through their kids -don't drag them into your problems with each other!!
also, I think it's confusing how some parents go around talking about their right to their children. I think they've got it wrong.. it's the children that has a right to have their parents. oh well..

edit: oh yeah! I just wanna say that I've long thought that that is a good way of depicting a penis!


RainbowRandomness April 18th, 2012, 8:28 am

Reading this comic, it amazed me at the end how these sorta stories are often something you see on the news and such, but for some reason, it's entirely different when someone you admire for online comics talks about his personal experiance of something like this.
... I'm not sure how to finish this comment~~~


roxjey April 18th, 2012, 7:11 pm

that was awfull


daviddoesntgetit April 20th, 2012, 4:43 am

@jonasfx: I see. That's a good take on the guilt.

I also completely agree with parents and their kids. It's just baffling how kids don't have a say when their parents get divorced and have to resign to their fate.

Haha, oh, yeah? I was worried that depicting the penis like that would ruin it but I can't exactly just draw a penis, nor did I really want to, haha.

@RainbowRandomness: Hey, that's good. Well, the news is still a form of entertainment... as Connor would say. But y'know, it's definitely editorialized, even if not consciously.

Haha, it's fine. I like your comment.

@roxjey: Hahahaha.


MonkeyDomi May 21st, 2012, 6:18 am

I don't think I ever considered sex as "wrong" as a kid (despite my catholic upbringing) but I was completely asexual and thought is was utterly gross. My mom always got a good laugh out of me covering my face, screaming "bleeeh" every time anyone would kiss on TV, haha.
Then during my teenage years I suddenly took a complete turn, and became ridiculously sexual, still never got the feeling of sex being bad though? (even though I can still sometimes see it as gross, haha)


daviddoesntgetit May 22nd, 2012, 3:11 am

@MonkeyDomi: Hm, that's an interesting take on the word "wrong". I suppose I ended up associating wrong with gross as a kid, much in the same way people think homosexuality is wrong 'cause they think it's gross.

Haha. Would you say you were asexual as a kid or would you say that's just the way kids are? I can't admit to knowing many kids thinking kissing/sex to be very appealing.

Haha. I'm sure even sexually active people think sex is gross sometimes, like how no one wants to know about their parent's sex lives.

That was an odd example.


queensilian May 31st, 2012, 10:57 pm

Babe, you need a hug but yeah it wasn't you fault. I would screw with the guys friend if were you though


MonkeyDomi June 3rd, 2012, 11:16 am

@daviddoesntgetit: Haha, kinda think of it as gross the same way I think certain food is gross? Like, it's not BAD food, and people may eat it if they want, I just rather not.
And yeah, what I know of most kids are asexual, though talking about these things with my friends, it seems some of them weren't completely asexual? And that they kind of gradually became more and more interested in these stuff, as opposed to my sudden 180 degrees turnaround.
And frankly, parents, friends - I don't wanna hear about the sex-lives of anyone I know, haha!