September 30th, 2013, 11:11 pm

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248-Ngoc part 1

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daviddoesntgetit September 30th, 2013, 11:22 pm

Eventually they stole so much fruit that the tree became bare and they went back to being hungry again.

I laughed but that's 'cause the storyteller was laughing too. Mostly over how the old man wasn't able to keep them from his tree, haha.

Life update: Well. Not much. I'm kinda hungry right now. Someone gave us a mooncake, that was good. Miriam keeps getting rejection letters and Connor's still in school.

Here's a little trivia from my childhood. I was asleep in my bed one day and my grandma pulled me out of my bed and dragged me to the bathroom.

She pulled my pants and underwear down and held a cup under my dick and said, "Pee."

I asked her why and she sighed. "Your stepmother's sick, so she needs to drink pee to get better, do you understand?"

Of course that didn't make a damn sense so I shook my head and started to cry.

"David! You have to pee!"

"I can't! Grandma, I can't!"

"She has to drink your pee because children have clean pee, she can't drink mine because I'm old and it's tainted, do you understand? Now do it!"

I start to cry and I couldn't pee even if I wanted. She sighs and shoves me aside. "I'll do it."

I watched in fear as our grandma pulled her pants down and peed into the cup. She opens the door and under her arm I can see our stepmom shaking and rocking on the couch as our grandma hands her the cup and tells her, "Drink."

Our stepmom is holding the cup and still shaking and our grandma tells her to drink it again.

Then I ran the fuck out of there and back into bed.

And now you know why Ngoc's mom was drinking the children's pee to stay hydrated. The kids all got the water.


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BurstThrough October 1st, 2013, 12:37 am

Wow that's really poor and with 6 kids!!
Old people in old people's stories never go easy on kids...
I don't know if I admire or I'm simply skeptical in her mother's trust of them of sharing the food evenly they must have gotten along that well then at least.
Your grandma doesn't look like a person who makes things easy to other people at all...