January 24th, 2015, 7:22 pm

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daviddoesntgetit January 24th, 2015, 7:26 pm

I'm a grown ass adult! I'll do what I want!

I don't even like babies but... shit. Shut up!


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Oldmoon (Guest) January 24th, 2015, 7:46 pm

Adorable XD


Elivier (Guest) January 25th, 2015, 12:27 pm

It's been a bit since I read these! I'm glad everything has been going so well for you David, congrats to Miriam, and I hope things continue to stay awesome for all of you!


Reealt January 25th, 2015, 1:58 pm

So, did you get pictures of both Danny and David (the dog) together?


Lani (Guest) January 27th, 2015, 4:54 pm

ASDFGHJKL#!!! How could I forget Brad's dog's name?! I'M SO SORRY, DOG!DAVID!!! I would hug him in apology if I could. ;A; COVERSFACEINHANDS. OTL I must've been really out of it that night to forget something so obvious. T___T
Your comics are so cute! They make me smile every time I read them. >w< <3 You got the makings of being an awesome uncle/godfather to both babies and doggies alike! <3 David as future doggie-baby ambassador!!! >w</ Wouldn't that be a fun job description?! XD
The one about your stepmom also got me to thinking. Ugh, people can be so THOUGHTLESS sometimes.
It was tough when I heard conversations from my more 'Americanized' relatives sometimes. I'm taking your advice about being more mindful of how my actions affect the people I do want to help out, though it's still tough when it comes to how SNOTTY they sound. I'm getting into less fights and focusing on just making my loved ones feel awesome so that's an improvement at least??? =w=;/
Ugh, I know my snobbier relatives are just trying to fit in and make things good for their own kids, but they don't even realize that most of mainstream society and the media don't often even think of people like them when it comes to what America 'supposedly' looks like. Why do some groups always have to make some other group their scapegoat to feel better about themselves? Reminds me of how other groups have done in the past--there's always one "reject" group that makes the other groups look better. UGH. Are people's egos that insecure or something? =____=; Smh.
Back when I was still living at my parent's apartment, I remember how one set of neighbors certainly made it clear they wanted my family and I "to go back to our country." WHAT THE HELL, DUDE. I'm even born in the U.S. so I dunno what the hell they were saying??? >_>;;; I don't think many of the apartment folks liked them either though so whatever. Lol. Anyway sorry for dumping all that on you David. The friend that keeps dumping all that advice on you probably means well--like some of my Americanized relatives--but I can SUPER sympathize over it being hella annoying sometimes!!! >_</ I'm just glad you picked a way of seeing your stepmother that worked out the best for your long-term happiness! :) <3 That's what most important! I hope that friend eventually comes to realize that too but just know you have plenty of people online who support you!!!!!!! >w</ <3

Also, I'm looking forward to whenever Miriam and Stephanie releases their game! It probably takes a while to make one but I'm willing to wait! GOOD LUCK MIRIAM!!! <3 :D


daviddoesntgetit January 28th, 2015, 6:00 pm

@elivier: Haha, actually, this month has been pretty terrible. I got robbed twice and I've been sick constantly but things have been going well for everyone around me. I hope things continue to go well for everyone around me. This has been the month of big news, apparently.

@Reealt: ...Well Amy and Brad got pictures and then subsequently sent them to me which I then... saved.

So no.

@lani: Hahaha. I'd prefer it if everyone forgot the dog's name and just started calling it dog like I do.

Y'know what? I may complain that I don't like dog or babies but yes, being doggie/baby ambassador does sound like an amazing job. Yes, if I lived my life over, that would be the one thing I'd change.

Haha. Well, my advice mostly stems from interaction with our mom's side of the family. Our mom's side is Northern Viet and a bit more refined so any sort of little argument would make our mom cry, which didn't make me feel good about myself. Our dad's side is Southern who wore their emotions on their sleeves and shouting matches were a thrice daily occurrence so it was less of an issue. Less but when it came to arguments about serious matters like infidelity or abuse then it was an issue. Haha. Which is why I say not to really take my advice to heart, everyone is different.

Yeah, I'm on your side with this but that's because we're the type to value our culture.

Here's the thing though, when it comes to being second class citizens or immigrant families they tend to have one of two reactions. Either to try to preserve what they had to leave behind, that was our dad's side, or to try to blend in as quietly as possible and that's more our mom's side. I know Asians tend to be more the latter.

I met a guy yesterday who was Asian who constantly bagged on his fob status and talked about what an embarrassment it was for his mom to order things with her thick accent so much that he'd yell at her in the store. He's also gay so he views flamboyant gays the same way, that they get into people's face and are an embarrassment on his identity.

In that same regard, I and Stephanie have been hassled for our Asian identity as a result our reaction is to be a bit more flagrant about it. There was a novel about a gay asian-American realizing certain behavior patterns he adopted in order to hide his sexuality and I read an article about a black man who moved to Northern Virginia, a primarily white area, who spent so much of his life there trying to prove that he wasn't like the other black people so that his neighbors would feel safe.

I think... we can't blame the Americanized ones for their behavior 'cause while I'm the type to happily talk about my Vietnamese heritage, I've also understood our mom's side of the family to keep certain things hidden just to get by.

I know a lot of Americans push the ideology if you have a problem just say it, but they don't understand the stress that comes with prompting a conflict. Conflicts are stressful. I chose to show off my Vietnamese side but I'm not going to force my aunts and uncles who went through a war and the difficulties of being a refugee to come here to spend all their free time fighting social injustice, which is what Connor and I were arguing about a week or so ago.

They've went through a lot and now they just want to focus on raising their kids so that their kids can be happy, if they don't want to spend their free time fighting the white families in their area, that's their pejorative. If it's enough for them to blend in so that they don't get hassled, that's fine, I'm not going to force them to live my life. I don't have a family so I have time to focus my attention on exploring my cultural heritage that's been passed on to me.

I met a girl too who hates her Asian heritage 'cause she felt a lot of the behaviors she didn't want to adopt were thrust upon her, I'm sure people like me feel the same way about American ideals.

I think it's all about finding a balance, people pick and choose their battles. If people want to label certain things cultural appropriation versus cultural acculturation, that's just their set of ideals.

It's a complicated situation that minorities fight over each other about. I don't think either is necessarily wrong or right but I really don't believe in forcing the other to believe your ideal. I went through too much angry family members in my childhood that I value coexistence more so as long as we all get by and don't fucking get too nosy, I think it's fine. Other people will not agree but I don't really care so long as we can be neighbors and not have to fight each other.

Haha, christ, that was long. I guess what I'm ultimately saying is... there's a lot of different point of views out there. Use your best judgment, trust your sense of ethic and morality and try not to hurt people. Stay open minded and just learn every day and adjust accordingly. Learning to adapt your philosophy on a per person basis is difficult but more inclusive than one broad, overarching philosophy. It's hard but you'll learn to really listen to people, I think.

I adopted our dad's philosophy of they stick to their business and I'll stick to mine a bit, haha. Which is why I get all uppity when people give me advice or the like. I don't give a fuck if they mean well, after the first time I told them to leave me the fuck alone about it, that better mean they'd better leave me the fuck alone about it. The first time's a slip up, the second time is 'cause they think they know what's good for me. They can eat shit. I have enough crap in my life without having to put up with them.

Haha, thank you for the support, haha. It's always nice to hear. Good luck to you as well with everything.

Miriam says thanks! She's working hard but it's hard to find time.


Lani (Guest) January 31st, 2015, 10:04 pm

Yo, David~ ^O^/ Thank you for writing such a thoughtful response even though I am sure you got responsibilities of your own. m(_ _)m
Judging by what you said, I'd bet that I fit right into your Dad's side of the family, lol! XD Maybe I'm just crazy, but I can handle a whole day of shouting matches if it'll help clear the air. But yeah, I can imagine it how it gets OLDDDDD if nothing gets accomplished. =w=; Huhu.
Aw, you made me smile when you said that we were the type to value our culture! That's definitely true! >w< <3 HIGH FIVE DUDE!!!
But yeah, you are right about how immigrants tend to have one or two reactions. You can't expect them all to be worried about social justice if they can't even pay their bills. .___. It's definitely the case with much of my family. One cousin of mine, I hate to say it, but he's into selling drugs so he can help his disabled mom and my other elderly aunt pay rent and stuff. Dude, we're not even talking about pot here--he's into selling the heavy, heavy shit!!! This is the same cousin who says he wishes he could adopt all shelter animals and who'd played basketball with me as a kid when nobody else would! Wtf?! Aw man. D: He wanted to quit the gig after a while, but they got on his case about making them homeless. He's still in it which I can sort of understand, since these are the two women who took good care of him when his dad jumped ship. =_=* Hope he continues to do okay though. T__T;;; ASDFGHJK. What's the right thing to do in cases like these?! OTL NO IDEA. My mom helps her sister out when she can, but yeah... OTL;;;;
Oh yeah, sorry to hear that you and Connor got into a fight last week. Hopefully it helped clear the air for both of you though? :< I'm glad that Connor got something that he's passionate about and hopefully over time he finds a happy medium that works for him and everybody he wants to help! ^w^/
I also LOVE the examples you gave David! It really shows the nuances and variety of circumstances out there! <3 I think that's one of the things I LOVE, LOVE about art too - that they're able to show those different shades of humanity! >w< <3 Hehe. Sorry for sounding all SAPPY. :P I'll be sure to take things case by case and take a balanced approach though. :)

Also, I'm sure Miriam's is going to do awesome in whatever artistic stuff she wants to do! >w</ From how she talks to me and how you show her in the comic, she's definitely PASSIONATE about her writing. :D She's serious about it, but not TOO serious to where it's like a chore to her yanno? She has that kind of happy balance, that's my impression of her. ^w^/


daviddoesntgetit February 13th, 2015, 8:56 pm

@Lani: When I was younger, I preferred our dad's side to our mom's side of passive aggressive. Then I slowly learned to not give a fuck about people when they're acting like asshats and now I prefer our mom's side 'cause arguing gets my so exhausted. Ideally I'd just be home alone though.

Well our mom's side can definitely pay the bills but I also would not push social justice and shit on them. They've survived a war and assassination attempts. I think it's great if people cared more but that's not something you just ask or make people do either.

Wow, that is crazy, I don't really have much to add to the matter, I'm sorry to hear your cousin is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I also wish the best to your cousin, hopefully something will work out but that definitely sounds difficult and not something he'll get out of anytime soon.

Hm, no. It didn't really clear the air. It mostly ended but we haven't brought it up again, I have very little interest in bringing it up again. He can do whatever the fuck he wants but if he pisses me off about it again, I'm not backing down.

Yeah, I hope he's happy too.

Haha, art can be surprisingly black and white. It's just normally one would expect those in a creative field, like writing or art or music, to be more compassionate and understanding of the variations of humans we have due to the fact the field kind've forces you to understand another person's perspective but it's not always true. Art can be inclusive but it can be selfish too. I know sometimes art can attract those who are different because of that 'cause it helps to promote understanding of people that most people would just ignore but... nothing's perfect.

But yeah. I like art too. Haha. I loved modern art but I found it difficult to get the message to a wider audience even if it managed to perfectly sum up ideas for me, it was still a language I could only understand. The messages are sometimes surprisingly simple. e

Haha, well, do whatever you want, good luck with it.

Miriam is definitely passionate, I think she's talented too but she says there's a difference between being able to analyze well and execution. She said the analysis she understands but sometimes her work has yet to match her lofty ideals.

She says she has a happy balance, she's worried about losing it if she ever makes it her job but she's excited all the same.


Lani (Guest) February 14th, 2015, 9:57 pm

@daviddoesntgetit: Ahhhhhhh I can totally see why you now prefer your mother's side. Arguing a lot would get pretty exhausting especially if not much got accomplished from it. X_x;; Guess I've been sorta lucky in that regard thanks to my mom, brother, and my friends arguing style! ^^; If I ever date somebody for serious I'll have to find somebody whose arguing style is like that too! :D
WOAH, assassination attempts?! Aw, but why?! D: I know it's probably war related so you don't have to tell me if it's too private. I didn't know your family went through that too though! OAO;;
Sure, some of my family has stories about gang members going after them in states they used to live in, but that's not exactly the same thing...errr. OTL;;; But yanno, people are just so awesome, aren't they? OwO Being able to pick themselves up and carry on despite the shit that life throws at them!!! Yeah!!! >w</ Looking at some of my relatives (the ones I like anyway) and stories about your family sort of remind of that. :D

Huh. You make a good point about art being both inclusive and selfish at the same time, not that either's "bad" per se. :D People need different things at different times of their lives, whether they are the artist or the viewer. It's always so great when I get to reread and rewatch something and get something new from it! =OvO= I mean I do enjoy the nostalgia part and that my brother's primary reason for re-enjoying stuff, but I personally like it more when I see something different from how it was when I was some kid. Yanno what I mean, David? OwO It's funny how art can be seen as one way to somebody, but different to them when needs a different kind of message in their life at that time... .___. Hmmm!!! ^w^

Anyway, I sort of understand what Miriam means when its hard to match her work to her lofty ideals. OTL;;; I sort of envy my brother sometimes because he's good at what does, being a mechanic, and it's CLEAR when he does a good job. Does the car run? Yes? Than good! :D It's harder when its something more subjective like art. ^^; I wish Miriam luck in everything that she does! :D Just curious, is Miriam the type to focus on one thing or does she like to work on multiple projects? :3


daviddoesntgetit February 16th, 2015, 9:48 pm

@Lani: Haha, I talked about the assassination attempts in an earlier comic. I don't have any qualms talking about it but I'm too lazy right now to talk about it again, haha.

Eugh. Having gang members making an attempt on your life sounds like no walk in the park either. Haha. I guess it's impressive for people to pick themselves up after. I mean, it is but it's also a do or die, I feel like. If you don't it's not that easy to keep surviving.

Yeah, I don't think there's a right or wrong way to do your art, if you want to make it for a general audience or for yourself, it's all good, I feel. I enjoy TV just as much as I enjoy the MoMA. Haha, I know what you mean. I'm not the type of person to have a lot of nostalgia though, I'm more the type to look forward to something new, I rewatch things for relaxation, haha.

Yeah, art's pretty subjective. I like that there's not a clear cut definition for good or bad, but I think it's a problem when people don't understand that.

Miriam says she's the type to do multiple projects at once, which is bad, 'cause it takes so long to finish things and every time she comes up with a new idea, she just wants to work on it at the same time thinking she can take it on as well. She said the best thing about it is that if she happens to get bored or tired of one projects, she can focus her attention to another one until she feels the energy to go back though.