February 13th, 2015, 6:46 pm

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356-Beach episode

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daviddoesntgetit February 13th, 2015, 6:50 pm

I just slept over at Brad's place for a week while our friend visited, we only left to go eat which we spent the entire time wondering if we could beat the game before he left.

Other than Brad, I hung out with him one of the most. When I finally got a phone with text, he immediately started texting me, haha. I miss that guy.

I miss my SNES. One of our uncles had a gambling problem and stole it and sold it to pay some debts off back then. Good times.


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Tristan232 February 13th, 2015, 7:01 pm

Did you have the cartridge that has both Tetris and Dr. Mario? I have that for the SNES it's my favorite along with Yoshi's Island! Dr. Mario 2Player is an intense family tradition in our house, that game is so much fun. You guys manage to beat one or both?


daviddoesntgetit February 13th, 2015, 7:57 pm

@Tristan232: Haha, yup. That's the one I had.

Oh, he didn't come over to beat tetris or anything. We played through a game and didn't like it, then we played through a second game and managed to beat it just a couple hours before his flight. We... very nearly didn't make it.


Reealt February 13th, 2015, 8:22 pm

What games did you guys play?

Sounds like you had a fun week though!


Lani (Guest) February 14th, 2015, 9:29 pm

Glad to hear that you had an awesome vacation at the beach with your buddies! OH MAN, I remember the days my lil bro got us Tetris and the Zelda games as kids. I think we even fought over who could play it and our mom took it away for a while, lol. =w=; Sort of reminds me of all these old games we used to play together (cause they're survival horror and you KNOW I don't do well with them OTL): Fatal Flame, Clocktower, Resident Evil games, etc. etc.!!! Now that I think about it...this totally makes my brother sound like a horror junkie, huh? XD Jesus, I still have chills over Majora's Mask and there's even a well-known creepypasta about it! Do you or Miriam know which creepypasta I'm talking about? :D There's a lot of them for video games!
Funny how my bro's the one who HATES ghosts while I find them absolutely fascinating! \OwO/ I always wanted to be one of those families on TV who explored a "haunted" place for the chance to earn lots of money! I think I could do it! >D I think my brother would hate me forever though if I dragged him into it. =w=;;;
Do you or any of your siblings/family find them interesting whether you believe them or not??? My family has LOTS of ghost stories, like how one of my aunties apparently got possessed by my grandma who didn't know she was dead yet and was walking around the house with a lit cigar (it was one of her old habits apparently!). It got fixed after one of my uncles and mom brought in the local priest, lol. I wasn't born yet so I wasn't there to see it. =3= Boooo~ Do you have any family stories like that? My mom says my family has a history of having ghosts sticking to us easily but I think its just superstition~ =w=/ Though that could be because my family sees me as the oblivious type who daydreams a lot?? OTL;;; I probably wouldn't notice a ghost even if it was in front of me. :P
Whoops! That's totally off topic! O_O; Oh yeah, thank you for writing me back all this time! :) I'm glad you don't mind my rambly messages. You remind me of my brother in a way, cause he doesn't mind my chatter either, lol. XD Thanks David!!! Tell me if it ever gets too out of hand though! I got a tough skin!!! >D


roxjey February 15th, 2015, 10:59 am

pfff so cool XD
way to conect with nature and stuff David XD


daviddoesntgetit February 16th, 2015, 9:39 pm

@Reealt: We just played a Tales game. I did have a fun week.


Haha, so many survival horror games. I have never heard of creepypasta in my entire life.

Ughhhh. I cannot stand ghosts of any sorts. But yeah, for exactly the same thing your family does. I heard too many "real life" ghost stories as a kid. There was a lake near our dad's workplace that we always drove past and they kept telling me stories about a man who murdered his wife and sons, chopped them up, and tossed them in a lake. The wife and sons would pull drown people and just a couple days after they told me that story the building put up a "no swimming" sign which freaked me out as a kid to no end.

Then when we went to Vietnam it was just a nonstop ghost story fest. Sigh.

Miriam's workplace is full of Asians and they all have ghost story tales and a lot of haunted equipment they kept around.

Haha, my family was also the same, when we were poor and going bankrupt, they hired an exorcist. He came over and told them my favorite painting was bad luck and my pet turtles, so he pissed me off to no end, and I don't believe in that shit as a result.

It's weird, I don't believe in ghosts but it doesn't mean I like it nonetheless.

Haha, I'm fine. Miriam is also the type to talk endlessly so I do enjoy it.

@roxjey: Man, whatever, my friends didn't want to either, haha. Our dad took us to the beach literally every week while I was a kid, I've seen the beach more times in one summer than some people do in their entire lifetime. Haha.


Lani (Guest) February 20th, 2015, 6:52 pm

NOOOOOOOOO! Smackjeeves ate my original comment to this one! T_T Boo. >3> Do you hate me SJ?! Lol. XD
If you ever get to, I'd LOVE to hear some of your family's ghost stories in your comics! X3 Your poor turtles and favorite painting! What was the painting about? Did you have to get rid of your turtles?! But but but turtles are so innocent and cute looking (except for snapping turtles cause they look scary)!!! TAT;
I'd be super pissed too if an exorcist told me that my childhood dog was "bad luck"! (╯�□�)╯︵ ┻━┻
Your family's story about the "haunted" lake is awesome, although I'd probably be the first to die since I can't swim to save my life. Lol. =w=; Your story sort of reminds me of my friend's old house before he moved away: when he was moving into his new bedroom, he opened the door and saw a man swinging from the ceiling from a noose. O___O;;; Poor guy! D:
I THINK my friend was pulling my leg? Maybe?! MAYBE???? OAO; Too bad he no longer lived there by the time he came to my junior high so I can't confirm it. :P
Oh yeah, as for video game creepypastas you can probably find them on the main site (just Google them) but it's better to watch videos about them like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3s1ZaFZ7kc
Or if you check the right side panel, you can also find a lot of other non-gaming creepy pasta stories and scary easter eggs that video developers like to put in! >w</ Since you like to play video games David, maybe you and Brad can go and find some of them??? (No wait. Don't do that. My brother put me through that. T__T;;;).
...I must be a real masochist to sit through all these. Lol. =w=;;;
Miriam and you might get a kick out of them, but if you rather not watch them then maybe Brad and other friends might? :D
Hope you're doing awesome David!!! \>w</ <3


daviddoesntgetit February 20th, 2015, 10:28 pm

@Lani: I'd... really rather not recount the ghost stories.

In Vietnam we went to a buddhist amusement park called "suoi tien" and there's this haunted house, which took you through the levels of hell, and I was probably around 8 at the time? It scared the ever fucking loving mother fucking shit out of me. There was another one in another amusement park where on a platform, hands would come out and grab you in the dark.

So fuck horror. Fuck it. I fucking hate it and fucking can't stand anything about it. It didn't help that I was still a god-fearing kid back then.

I tried to block most of them out of my memory but I remember a story of a man that died standing up. Try as they could, they couldn't get him to lie down so they couldn't bury him so in the end they had to build a coffin around him. THis was in Vietnam so just on a median in the middle of a high way there's a coffin that's just standing up where the man died. That one's not really scary so much as fucking weird.

I think some of the work place stories involved my family hearing someone constantly whispering their name when they were alone or the door constantly closing and opening on their own. Since these were Asian owned business, the owners are also superstitious so they brought in exorcists. When I stop by there's still charms and shit everywhere.

Anyways, despite insane attractions at Suoi Tien, it had a pretty fucking huge waterpark that was fun. Haha. Also a huge alligator pond. It's been getting pretty famous in America just for being so fucking weird to Americans but it's pretty huge. If you're ever in Vietnam, for some bizarre reason, maybe stop by.

Haha, the painting was just animals in a forest, so tiger and lions and shit, and the exorcist said they were vicious animals so they were bringing bad luck. And apparently keeping turtles in a house is just bad luck for some fucking reason? I managed to convince our mom to keep the painting at her place, and in high school, despite being a proper teenager, I hung up my kid painting of vicious forest animals 'cause I'm spiteful like that.

Haha. I can kind've swim, mostly from our dad teaching me by yelling at me to, "JUST FUCKING SWIM."

Y'know, it's funny. I don't believe in ghosts but I'd say in an agnostic kinda way. I never understood people in religion who thought that belief was an all or nothing deal, this goes for both religious and atheists. I don't believe in them but that's not to say I'm impervious to being swayed into pant-shitting terror. If that makes any sense, haha.

I will not be clicking that link but thank you.

I don't want any! Lani, what are you doing to me! The enticement of video games is not enough! Even though I know it's just coding, fuck that. The idea of digital ghosts makes no sense to me but it's quite a popular genre now, isn't it?

Haha, I'd say Miriam's a little more like you so she might enjoy it, I'll pass it onto her and Brad to watch together. I ain't stepping anywhere near this shit.

Haha, I'm doing better now. I've been stressed since the year started and, according to our mom, it's not going to stop. Sigh. One day at a time.