February 16th, 2015, 9:19 pm

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357-Masters of sex ed

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daviddoesntgetit February 16th, 2015, 9:25 pm

I would like to thank all of my patient friends for answering my questions about sex.

But yes, I am a master of sex now. Feel free to ask me anything! And I will ask my friends and relay it to you. Efficient.


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Reealt February 16th, 2015, 9:45 pm

This is hilarious because I educate my friends who aren't asexual on a lot of sexual things, and I'm one of the most curious of us about it, but I don't ever plan to use the information. It's just interesting for me to know these things, since I just... don't get the whole sexual attraction thing.


yaoi4evandnevayuri February 17th, 2015, 5:29 pm

Usually I can tell your guys from your girls. But I'm having a hard time with the intern... Which one are they? Just curious. Also, this is hilarious since I'm the one giving my friends advise and stuff even though I'm always single. xD


Dumah February 18th, 2015, 12:51 pm

I find it odd that in our culture, when the guy ejaculates, sex is over. Like, what?? It doesn't have to suck for either person, they can keep doing what they were doing. Idk...just my two (asexual) cents, lol.


Lani (Guest) February 20th, 2015, 7:03 pm

Hahahaha, I love this whole comic! Sort of reminds me of the conversations that my brother and my friends have. X3 It strikes me as sort of funny that my brother and I are so casual to each about this sort of stuff, but oh wells. His girlfriends probably appreciate the advice I give him. :P Lol.
As to answer the lady's question, it sounds like premature ejaculation and like Brad says, I gotta admit it's more likely for a guy to do it if he's still starting out on sex. Lol. =w=;; Two of my exes were embarrassed about it, but it was actually cute to me (if that makes any sense???). Lol. XD Practice makes perfect after all! He just needs to be very aware/sensitive to when he's about to come and what triggers it to happen faster. He can always take 'breaks' by focusing on other things, like stimulating his partner instead! ^w^/ He COULD go for a second round but some guys tire out easily if they already did it once... so I dunno. :P If nothing else, he could just focus on making his partner come first and then have him go last. All depends on the couple's preference, really! :D
Premature ejaculation isn't impossible to overcome! >w</ Oh snap, just realized I made an accidental pun! OAO...omg. I'm so lame. OTL;;; Lol. It's so nice that you can have these kinds of open comfortable conversations with your friends, David! :D


daviddoesntgetit February 20th, 2015, 10:15 pm

@Reealt: Haha, I am... mostly confused as to why they don't ask someone who is sexually active.

@yaoi4evandnevayuri: I drew her with a basic look and without a name 'cause it doesn't matter who she is.

She's just an intern at work. She's quite friendly and nice. All the other males her age are quite infatuated with her.

Haha, people also ask me because they think since I've never been in a relationship it means I'm objective. I feel like that's not the case, it's mostly just me being confused and guessing.

@Dumah: Umm, what Lani said. From what I understand, Bryce told me guys get sleepy after they cum (due to chemical reasons) and sex is pretty exhausting so that's probably why.

From another guy, who's never been in the comics, the guy can keep pleasuring the other person after they came, if they so choose, but they're usually too tired.

All I get are male's perspective though so... it would be helpful to look elsewhere as well.

But also, what Lani said, haha.

@Lani: Before I reply, let me just say, you're a great, wonderful person and I enjoy talking to you, but you really, really have to stop telling me ghost stories because I really, really hate them. I really find no joy in them and it's painful to read and I cannot stand them. I'm really sorry about that.

Haha, you give your brother sex advice? Nah, it's good to know it's not just me where I can talk to my siblings casually about sex.

Hm, yeah, that's why I thought it was kinda weird that guy at work said it was normal and just how sex is, haha. 'Cause I remember (so-and-so) telling me he took up masturbating more so he doesn't cum as early during sex. And cock rings. I dunno what he said about them but they came up.

Haha, it's funny that you say it's cute 'cause I was talking to Stephanie and she said the exact same fucking thing. "I dunno why guys get so embarrassed! It's so cute that they get embarrassed though."

Haha, well, thanks for the advice. Sadly, I don't know the kid so I can't pass it on to him. Just keep at it, kid. Apparently all my readers are rooting for you.

Hahaha, good pun. Oh, is it unusual to talk about these things? I have no idea! Do you think I've been making them uncomfortable then? I worry about that a lot. They don't seem to mind but I just assume I'm bad at reading people!


Lani (Guest) February 21st, 2015, 5:19 pm

...I'll be sure to keep them to a minimum including whatever links come my way. .__. I PROMISE! >A</ I appreciate you for being upfront with me about that problem David! :D I SHALL IMPROVE!!! You've been so patient and tolerant and even shared ghost stories with me! Woah, a dude who got buried while stand up?! WOOOOOOOOAH. OAO I wish I visited that religious attraction featuring all levels of Buddhist hell! OvO Dunno if I I'll ever get to Vietnam since I have never been on an airplane before but you never know! ;D
Hahahaha! I wish I could high five Stephanie right now cause cute embarrassed guys are the best! XD Aww! Kinda sad how mainstream culture sometimes guilt trip guys into thinking that they're only manly if their dick is "perfect" or whatever. :P One guy I was with had this complex about his size, and no matter what I said or did, he still felt insecure about it. :/ Hell, it wasn't like he was even one of those guys who didn't even know what a clitoris is. Hope he's doing okay wherever he is!
Yanno David, it does strike me as kind of rare that siblings especially those of the opposite sex discussing sex topics with each other, but if you ask me both parties stand to benefit a lot from it! :D Hell, I learned more from my brother and the Internet than whatever came from my Sex Ed classes in school! Abstinence only?! Puh-LEEZE. XP Didn't stop my middle school and high school from having teen pregnancy, that's for sure. I'm just glad my mom wasn't ever too conservative about sex like other parts of my family. >3> If I had a question she'd try to answer me in as simple and honest of a way as possible. I'd like to say I have a healthy and positive view towards sex cause of my family and my own research! WOOHOO! \OwO/
Speaking of which I don't know if it's that "unusual" to talk about sex really, especially within an online space. 'w' I'm just one reader but I DOUBT you're making anybody uncomfortable cause anybody reading your comics for this long would know you're an awesome guy, and when you talk about such things, you don't come at it from a hostile or scary place. You come off as very sweet and thoughtful in your comics/responses, yanno? I think your comics are safe place for people, especially for asexuals and those who support gay rights if that makes sense???? =w=; Speaking for me, I never even knew asexuality existed until I read your comics!
Dunno if my opinion even helps but I personally think it's HEALTHY to bring up sex topics occasionally, especially for readers who come from school and family environments where all you hear about sex and gay/asexual issues is just "ABSTINENCE 4EVAR & ALWAYS" bullshit, homophobic slurs, asexuals as being 'fake,' and other dumb stereotypes and fake info. :P



daviddoesntgetit February 27th, 2015, 5:38 pm

@Lani: Haha, you're ok, you're ok. It's really not that big a deal.

Instead of a minimum how about just not at all. Haha. Oh yeah, I was gonna draw a comic about how I was replying to your comment and near sobbing thinking about ghost stories while struggling to type out a response, haha. I wasn't sobbing!

Haha. We should just all go on a trip to Vietnam, all the readers and my siblings and friends. It'll be great.

Yeah, in comedy, it's just such a common joke for dudes to be insecure about their dicks that people just start believing it's expected behavior. It's something Miriam and Connor discuss a lot, the viewer's responsibility versus the writer's responsibility. Haha, how are there still debates over female sexuality that doesn't involve any females whatsoever? Christ.

Haha. You also had an abstinence only program? Yeah. They taught about other things too, like condoms, but on those topics, they focused on the defects of it and really focused on the positivity of abstinence which was no risk. Sigh. If punishment was enough of a detractor, crime wouldn't exist. Good to hear you have a healthy view of sex, haha. Even though I'm asexual, I hope I'm able to make my kids/nephew feel that way. I'll try to do research.

Haha, you're much too nice to me. I'm not sure I come off that way, I think I come off mostly as confused. Oh, it'd be nice if people thought of this comic as a safe spot. Oh, well, now you know! Asexuality is a thing. A lot of people said that, haha.

Haha, thanks, you also keep being you.